Wiggles was one of the founding members of Catapult-All-Cats-To-The-Sun. He oversaw the design and construction of the original catapult, and restrained Poncho along with the other dogs when he attempted to rescue the hairball.


After Pops took a team to remove a cat from Carmen's house, Wiggles oversaw construction of the original catapult. When Pops, the Bouncer, Johnny, Boomer, and Poncho returned, he proudly showed them the catapult, but was upset when Poncho pointed out that they had no means of getting it outside, meaning they would have to disassemble it, and rebuild it outside.

While that was happening, he, along with Pops' team, discovered that they had actually captured a hairball, which they believed to be a kitten. He helped to attempt to train it by wearing a cat puppet on his paw, while Johnny told the hairball to attack the cat.


Wiggles makes fun of Poncho.

When Pops decided they couldn't train it, Wiggles readied the Catapult for launch. However, Poncho felt guilty about deceiving his master, and attempted to stop the launch. When he said that "in a way, this little cat is family." Wiggles remarked "Yeah, I can see the resemblance." causing some other dogs to laugh.


Wiggles flees with the others.

However, Poncho was saved at the last minute by Boomer wearing a cloak, who used a vacuum to scare the dogs away.