Poncho and Fish's discovery.

This dog is new to the cafe. He moved in to the town while Hudson, and Poncho were in Dog Hobo Town.


He is yellow colored, and has short black ears that stick straight up.


He was there when Poncho returned to the cafe from Dog Hobo Town. The other dogs immediately rushed to sniff him, but the aggressive one kept back and tried to inform them that Poncho was actually a cat in disguise. Boomer and Hudson tried to explain to him Poncho's situation. He was able to turn the other dogs against him, causing Poncho to leave in disgrace.

Poncho used fish to track him for an expedition to find something bad about the dog. They were able to discover that he likes taking baths. But then the dog pushed them out of a window, and the camera was destroyed.

The dog eventually got tired of bothering Poncho, and left.