Stanley is one of the cats. At first it was thought she was a male, but was later revealed that she was a female after giving birth.


When Poncho and Chazz move in, and Carmen is showing them the house, his name is on one of the bowls. Later, when Poncho pushed Fish down the basement stairs by mistake, he tried to explain the situation to the cats. One of the cats said "my dog's a little rusty, but I think this guy's saying something about greasing an airplane propeller." Poncho then grabbed Stanley, and took her downstairs to help with the search, prompting another cat to ask "Where's Stanley going? He doesn't know anything about greasing an airplane propeller."

She just sat there while Poncho searched for fish.

Later, when pregnant, she returned to the basement to give birth. Carmen noticed she was missing, and informed Chazz and Poncho. She made them help put up missing posters. Poncho vented his frustration about helping to Boomer, and then changed one of the posters so it read: MISSING. Answers to Stanley SCRAM. Boomer then commented on Poncho's attempt to slow down the search, saying "Nice!".

Poncho then offered to track down Stanley. Instead Poncho lead Chazz to Pizza Shack, and all of the other local fast food joints. Upon their return, Chazz stated that they had firmly established that "the missing cat was hanging out at any of the local fast food joints", whereas Poncho could merely offer a grieving Carmen a fry.

Later, as Carmen was crying, Poncho said"There, there Carmen, the lord giveth, and he taketh away", prompting Chazz to banish him to the basement. He discovered the kittens, and accused Stanley of "Throwing a party".

Poncho went back upstairs, and inadvertently notified Chazz and Carmen of his discovery.