Poo Poo is a male Bichon Frise who "has a bladder problem". He is often irritated because everyone thinks he is a girl. He is a member of Boomer's pack, and once ran for Alpha Male with Poncho. He is a friend of Poncho and Boomer's.


Poo Poo is a meek and mild dog on the outside, but his true personality is much more interesting. It usually is represented as Tar-Gor, an alter-ego of Poo Poo's, who comes out whenever he is covered in tar. A hypnotist once uncovered Poo Poo's darker side, and subsequently decided to allow Poo Poo's master to coddle him.

His outside personality is what you would expect of a male Bichon Frise. He is constantly embarrassed, and is frustrated when the women at his grooming place put a pink bow in his hair. He has much more knowledge about makeup and fashion then any boy should, and is able to go into night clubs, and movie theaters.

He is upset about his non-masculine appearance, and is always dreaming up fantasies about being more masculine. He is constantly frustrated when his owner puts a pink bow in his hair, calls him "Snookums", and tries to hire him out for stud.