"Boomer! Come quick! The universe is sticking it to me again!"-Poncho

Poncho is the main dog in this comic. He once ate an entire bag of jumbo kibble. He is obsessed with food and "walkies" He may be in a relationship with a girl dog named Mitzi.

He lives in a house with 6 to 9 cats, depending on the strip, and is highly paranoid as a result. He is obsessed with gambling and money making-schemes.

Poncho is the only known dog to hold the position of Dog Hobo King.


Poncho is insecure, paranoid, greedy, and slightly cynical and sadistic. He is also shown to be naive and un-doglike. His inner dog is an insecure, naive, and occasionally drunken, rodeo clown. His moral compass is seemingly non-existent, or at least broken, a fact that has been confirmed by the inner dog.