Orlando is Poncho's brother. He is an identical twin, save the fact that he wears a white collar, not a black one.


Orlando and Poncho's argumentative relationship began inside the uterus, before they were born. Poncho asked if they could trade places and Orlando refused. Poncho inquired into what was "Taking so long up there?" Orlando replied "It's the miracle of birth. I think it takes a while."

Later, after they had been born, Poncho singled Orlando out, and declared them identical twins. Poncho said that he would be "the evil one". Orlando decided to be the stylish one, causing Poncho to believe he had chosen poorly.

Orlando, along with Whitey and Blotch, continued to be swindled by Poncho. He also shunned Poncho after they learned 'Bite inhibition'. After Poncho returned from the outside world on a trip with Nocturna, he arrived just in time for the family photo.

Following this, Orlando was the last of the litter to be adopted, as Chazz took Poncho shortly before Orlando's owner, an oil baron, arrived.